Invest + Innovation

Granite Hill Capital Partners invests in innovation.

Our Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm is led by experienced principals and guided by our mission to access and advance extraordinary ideas in technology.

Access + Advance

Granite Hill strives to access the most promising early-stage opportunities in deep technology, including cyber security, big data, enterprise software, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and financial technology. We seek to back ideas and startup organizations with outsized potential to impact entire industries and ways of doing business. We invest in both US and India-based opportunities.

Granite Hill’s mission is to advance these extraordinary ideas beyond the startup phase. We support founders with strategic and operational guidance to help build a real company from a singular vision. We invest selectively so that we can build truly meaningful working relationships with each of our founders.

Technology + Team

We look for two things in an investment:

Leading, disruptive, differentiated technology with large market opportunities and defensible intellectual property.

A team of experienced, credible, technically-talented founders with clear vision and a straightforward value proposition.

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